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Just as the future of the world becomes more and more digital, so does business. A business that plans on succeeding is one that has mapped out its online strategy. A good number of businesses have completely jumped ship; they have let go of their brick-and-mortar stores and conducted their business exclusively through the internet. However, the digital world is just as fickle as the real one. You’ve got to be known, you’ve got to build trust and become familiar to make it in there. Digital Advertising can help you – and we’ll help you learn about Google Advertising Services.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital Advertising is when you promote your products and services advertise online. These adverts can be of any media format – text, image, audio, and video. You can place them on diverse digital platforms such as search engines, social media, video hosting platforms, eCommerce platforms, and more.

Digital advertising is in such high demand that there are agencies that offers focused services such as Google Advertising Services, Amazon Advertising Services, LinkedIn Advertising Services, and so on.

Digital Advertising Agencies

What Is a Digital Advertising Agency?

Digital advertising agencies are professionals who specialize in modern digital advertising services. They will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy where they use a range of tactics, online tools, and techniques to promote the business, earn customer loyalty, build the customer base, and increase sales. These agencies

Why Use Digital Advertising Services?

Making use of digital advertising services is convenient, time-saving, and will bring you results. These experts will guarantee increased sales and higher web traffic to your products and services. They will figure out the errors in your marketing strategy and propose a new one.

You will now be free to focus on other aspects of your business such as introducing new products and brand image.

When Should You Use Google Advertising Services?

If your funds allow it, your business can use the expert services of a digital advertising agency year around. Your business will only look better with superior ads, fine-tuned ad placement, and targeted audiences.

Having said that, there are two occasions where digital advertising services are crucial for your business: when you are launching your business and when there is a significant change in your business – product launch, scaling up your business, change in brand image, improved company vision, etc.

Why Is Digital Advertising Important?

Though there are numerous reasons why digital ads are a must for any business, perhaps the most important one is that your buyers spend a lot of time online. People spend as much as 7 hours online, about a third of their waking hours. Digital advertising can reach them through all kinds of media as they move from screen to screen.

Another pro of digital advertising is that it can be targeted. With the massive banks of data available to each and every online user, you can now choose your audience.

Unlike traditional advertising where you put in a quarter-page ad and pray that it reaches potential customers, online advertising can show ads only to those who would be interested in it and are the most likely to buy your product.

With digital ads, you can personalize your ads according to a wide range of demographics such as age, location, past browsing history, past purchases, and so much more. Your customer gets ads relevant to them and your ads are viewed by those who need them.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Types of Digital Advertising

There are 6 main types of advertising: display, social media, native, search, video, and email. 

  • Display

There are three types of digital display ads: static, flash, and video. They can be shown all over the internet as pop-up ads, website banners, in-app ads, video ads, and more. They usually come with a call to action and are often linked to a sales page, landing page, or an app re-direct.

Display ads are one of the most affordable types of digital ads and the nature of the ad means you can do it yourself. A small business can make use of an ad hosting platform to put up ads across its network. Digital display ads are not targeted and are shown wherever the ad hosting platform places them.  

  • Social Media

Social media platforms are on the rise. It is no longer restricted to just Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are SM platforms for the general population and there are also niche platforms for those looking for like-minded people. Reddit advertises itself as a one-place carry-all kind of platform, where you can find people with similar interests, however particular they may be.

Social media ads allow the most creative freedom: fun and potent content that can be anything you can imagine – an infomercial, an epic video, a presentation of customer reviews, brand ambassadors, etc.

LinkedIn is an SM platform designed specifically for the business community. LinkedIn Advertising is one place where single-image ads have performed the best.

  • Native

Native ads are known for their camouflaging capabilities. Blend in seamlessly with the rest of the page and look like they are a part of the web design. They are highly targeted and based on individual behavior. Presented as ‘recommendations’ and are based on customer interactions within the platform (such as likes, sharing, ad interaction, posts, tags, past purchases, and more) to categorize customer behavior.

Native ads are very effective. Statistics have shown that 53% of web users prefer native ads over others and it has a higher turnover rate of 18%. 

  • Search

Search ads are the ads you find on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The top 3-5 results on a SERP are ads. They are noted by a small ‘Ad’ beside the result. Search ads depend on keywords. When you create your campaign, you will be asked to choose keywords related to your ad. If a user searches for that particular keyword, then your ad will pop up. So you must choose your keywords mindfully.

Naturally, this is highly competitive. There are only limited spots available and being at the top will automatically increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Google is inarguably the most popular search engine right now. Many businesses float along by exclusively using Google advertising services. A google ad campaign is easy to create and can be easily managed by even the most rookie of beginners. 

  • Video

Videos are loved by all. They build an emotional connection with viewers and when properly built, will keep the audience hooked until it ends. A 15-second video has a significantly higher chance of sales conversion than a square display ad. They engage more of the viewers’ senses than a display ad and thus inspire more engagement. Video ads can be placed across multiple channels such as YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. High-quality, professionally edited videos are the baseline. Poor-quality videos will only give your brand a poor name.

  • Email Advertising

Email Advertising is one of the hardest types out there. Mainly because you have to build your email list. You must first convince your customers that what you have to say is useful and that they should want to know more. The next obstacle would be the structure of the email. Great care must be taken to produce an email that will inform and entertain the recipient while providing them with a call to action. Your email must be relevant enough that customers would not label your email as spam and thus discredit you and your business.

The upside of emails is worth the hassle. Customers love that they are getting personalized emails that are curated for them alone and are highly relevant. The audience signed up for this themselves so they are more open to the email ad.


Of course, a well-rounded advertising strategy will use various types of digital ads to have a bigger impact. Being visible across many platforms will increase brand awareness and product visibility.


Google Advertising Services are not a luxury nor is it optional. It is a pivotal part of your business strategy and the cost of digital advertising is worth the return. Your business will see growth in many areas such as brand awareness, product visibility, customer loyalty, and, of course, sales.



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