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The world has rapidly, within a space of fewer than 2 years, turned to online retail shopping. The pre-pandemic global eCommerce market growth rate was 20% and has since risen to 28%. However, 36% of businesses still do not have a website – and are missing out on a large section of the market. A Website Agency helps companies create beautiful websites that attract visitors and convert them into customers.

Modern shoppers do their research and know what product they want to buy even before they enter the store. They would have cross-checked prices and customer reviews across several shops and will have made a decision. For this purpose, you need a website that attracts the customer, introduces your business, and has listings of all your products.

So why would one-third of the business world neglect its online presence? It is not that they do not want to have an online presence but simply because they do not know how to. 27 of the 100 businesses interviewed confessed that they do not know how to create a website or design one.

The solution is a website agency

Read on about what a Website Agency is and what exactly is it that they do.

What is a Website Agency?

A website agency is a digital solutions company that can create, set up, manage, and maintain your business website. The agency will have a group of transverse professionals who specialize in various fields. They can help you with a range of services including design, aesthetics, content, payment points, marketing campaigns, and SEO-optimized content.

You can hire a website agency at the very beginning and they can do everything for you or you can hire them to revamp and energize an existing webpage.

Services Provided by a Website Agency

  • Customized Web Designing Service

Original websites that are custom-made for your unique business. There will be no other website like yours. The singularity and professional look of your website will score points for your brand image.

  • Inbound Digital Marketing Services

Instantly following a thorough analysis of the capital market. Your current performance, your customer base, and marketing strategies were developed swiftly. Properly include, but is unlimited too, advertising, infographics, social media management, email marketing, and SEO optimization.

  • E-Commerce Website Services

Set up your website as a store. Your customers can browse product listings, make use of carts, and payment options as they make their purchases directly from your website. This involves designing what the customers will see, writing precise code, managing third-party payment solutions, and integrating shopping cart software.

  • Mobile Website Designs

Active websites that instantly neglect none of their community functionality when accessed via mobile browsers precious correctly are those that are optimized for typically traveling social usage. Promptly go beyond the uninspired minimum of making sure the internet site fits the flexible screen and adequately provides your loyal customers with a unique experience. 

This sincerely means the classic text will be freshly formatted, explicit images will be resized, and successful navigation like drop-down menus scrapped and rethought – optimizing your official website to be aesthetically pleasing on a portable screen but not crowded. And the published result will correctly be your social website being ranked higher on SERPs as search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites.

  • DDA Compliance Solutions

Websites that are beautiful but equally accessible to people of all abilities. Expand your market reach even more by catering to differently-abled individuals. Rest easy knowing that your website is inclusive and does not frustrate your customers. Your media files will have proper alt tags, online forms will have descriptive HTML tags, unique and descriptive names for your links, consideration when using color, and a content management system that supports accessibility.

  • Web Hosting Services

Safe, secure, and reliable web hosting services ensure that your website is always up and running, and has good loading speeds. By using a reputed web hosting service, you provide your customers with better performance and greater security. This is especially important if you handle transactions or sensitive and protected data.

  • Regular Site Maintenance

Websites that run smoothly, without glitches, and perform at peak conditions. A website needs regular check-ups much like a human. Check-ups will ensure your website has the latest security patches and software updates, is regularly backed up to avoid losing data, undergoes loading speed tests, has no broken links, and has up-to-date content.

Website Agencies & Your Business

When thinking of unfurling your business flag online, there are three options laid out before you.

  • DIY

This is where you learn about everything needed to launch a website and run it smoothly. There are many free resources available and diverse open-source platforms, you can easily learn the ins and outs of the online world. If you wish to apply your fledgling web development skills to your precious business, that is a daring move. Carefully managing a professional website naturally shifts a precious lot of terrible time, ordinarily wanting specialist knowledge across several distinct fields, being updated on current market trends and so much more. This will contentedly fritter away an enormous time that should have been invariably spent on your key priorities.

  • Freelancer 

Maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who does web development. Or you found them in an ad on the internet. They might be really good or they might not be what you are looking for. The thing with freelancers is that you never know. This is the riskiest option as you will be paying but will have no guarantee of a job well done. Freelancers are by definition singular. One person has to have a significant range of skills such as the required tech know-how, visual ingenuity for the imagery, language skills, creativity for the text content, and many more.

When choosing your freelancer, choose one that is well recommended and look at previous works. Experienced freelancers typically charge between £20 and £80 per hour.

This is more affordable than an agency providing website services but you have no guarantee of success either.

  • Website Agency

Depending on the size and quality of the website agency, the price can fall anywhere between £500 to £12,000 or more. You will have a professional team trained in different highly specialized disciplines, expensive tools, and software programs working on your website.

Website agencies will always come out superior for the sole reason that they provide guarantees. They will set targets and reach them within a defined period. For example, increased page traffic by 13% within three weeks.

Naturally, it comes with a larger price tag.

Choosing A Website Development Agency

So you’ve decided to employ a website agency to develop your website. Now you’ve got to choose the best match for your business. Here’s a small checklist to get you started.

  • Choose an agency that comes warmly recommended
  • Compare quotes
  • Read through customer reviews
  • Call prior customers and inquire about their experience
  • Go through their portfolio to check if their style is a good fit
  • Enquire about the business targets they’ve made and those fulfilled.
  • Select one that has worked with businesses similar to your own
  • Certify their adherence to deadlines
  • Quality of customer service
  • Level of the customer’s involvement in the project
  • The duration of a project done by the agency

Keep in mind that this relationship will last a couple of years and that it is pivotal to your business. You are planning on investing a hefty amount. The ideal agency will be a compromise between the cost and the features offered. If it is ridiculously cheap, you can’t hope for quality service. So do your research and choose wisely.


A website agency can build your online persona and elevate you to greater heights (provided you choose a reputable agency). They can increase website traffic, which in turn increases the possibility of higher conversion rates. You gain higher product visibility, increased sales, and a brand build-up. What’s there to think about when you have nothing to lose? Sure it costs more, but the long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost. The question here is, do you want your business to succeed?



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