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What is Website Maintenance and Support: A Brief Introduction

Website Support and Maintenance

If anything is to last, it needs regular maintenance and support. A website is no different. Just like humans, who schedule regular health check-ups, regardless of their condition, a website should have regular maintenance and support to function correctly.

What is Website Support and Maintenance?

Website support and maintenance are all about checking whether your website is functioning properly. It is the process by which a website is kept up-to-date and performing well. It involves regular updates, reviewing links and fixing broken ones, inspecting security, and applying patch-ups and other optimizations for a fast and smooth user experience.

Website Maintenance Packages

These are some of the most basic care services provided in packages offered by all website maintenance and support service providers.

  • Security and Software Updates

Your web hosting service provider and other web development companies will put out security patches to address vulnerabilities. These patches act as a safeguard from hackers and other malicious attacks.

  • Backups

Nothing is foolproof and it is wise to be prepared. Backing up your website is might seem extreme as it is hosted in the cloud, but you never know. In case something happens, you can use your backup to quickly get your website up and running with no data loss.

  • Content Curation

Regularly publishing new content is part and parcel of running a website. With website maintenance, you can remove outdated content and content that is no longer relevant to your website. It is also beneficial to go through old posts in order to rectify errors and make relevant updates. Having outdated content makes your site look unprofessional and reduces the authority of your other content.

  • Loading Speed Tests

Loading speed is of the utmost importance. If your website takes too long to respond, your visitors will leave. Consumers will barely wait for a few seconds before they move on. This will adversely affect your SEO ranking. Using bulky software and having large file sizes can bring down your loading speed. Loading speed tests help you experience the final product accompanied by analysis and commentary whilst pinpointing the aspects that bring down the loading speed.

  • Aesthetics and Design Consistency

When web browsers incorporated mobile browsers and state web pages that are mobile-friendly will be ranked higher. Everyone had to haul out their entire website and make the necessary changes. This included manipulating the aesthetics of the web page, fixing images and other media content, aligning page margins, changing the format of the text, and more.

As browsers are often updated, you need to constantly update your website to reflect those changes or your website will look faulty or ‘old’. Inconsistent design is an amateur move.

  • Links

Link checking is a part of content curation and updating but is included separately due to its importance and the complexity involved. Your internal links will help a visitor navigate your website. They are the roadways in your virtual world. Your external links are there to direct your consumers to other good content. These links play a pivotal part in SERP rankings. If they don’t work properly or are ‘broken’, it will turn away your consumers and result in a SERP ranking drop.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Cross-checking your web pages with SEO is a part of SEM. Combing through your website for places where searchability can be improved will help with your SERP placement. You can also go through old posts and edit them to include popular and time-relevant keywords.


Why Do You Need Website Support and Maintenance?

Suppose we continue our analogy of a human health checkup to website support and maintenance. In that case, you will know that these regular visits will root out problems before they get worse and ensure your system can prevail against future threats.

Conversely, if a person gets hurt, (for example, a small bruise or cut) the human body can miraculously heal itself in time, even if you do nothing to treat it. A website, on the other hand, is not so fortunate. Your website will wallow in disrepair until someone comes around to fix it.

Regularly maintaining your website and providing it with the support it needs will result in a better user experience which will encourage users to return. Relevant information in an environment that is easy to access with carefully chosen keywords will also have you high up in SERPs, boosting your SEO rankings. Moreover, if you are not incorporating the latest trends in design or keeping up with the latest software update, your website is likely to suffer. So website maintenance is essential for your web journey.

Website Maintenance Services

The cost of website maintenance depends on the type and size of your website. You have fees as low as  £13 and as high as £10,000 per month. The website’s platform, features, and services are some of the factors that figure into your final cost. Large and popular websites like eBay or YouTube will cost even more. Depending on your business and website, your amount will vary. Most website maintenance service providers offer free consultation services where they will inform you of the price for the service you need. You can consult several well-reputed firms and choose the one you like with the best budget.


Website support and maintenance are non-negotiable. You must do it if you want a functioning website. It will facilitate a smooth user experience and help your SEO endeavors. The charges you will incur for the web support and maintenance services will be directly proportional to the size and type of website you have so usually, the price will be affordable and within your budget.




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