Privacy Policy Stallion Digital Marketing

Privacy Policy is an essential factor that should be taken seriously. We take this matter seriously and are happy to give respect and protection to our loyal clients and consumers. Here we are going to discuss how Stallion E-Com is taking care of important information about you;


Collect important information.

Deal with it fairly and lawfully.

Personal info will be kept in a secure environment.

Ensure that information is held secure, accurate, and up to date.

Respect is an essential factor.

Information will be disclosed to those who are authorized.

No extra information will be kept for a longer time.

Human rights reserved


Data protection legislation will apply to all data gathered from the client.

Personal information will be held lawfully, and securely and used for the right purpose.

You can rest assured that the client’s personal information will be protected and there will not be any intrusion into people’s privacy.


Demonstrate before handling personal data. Act with integrity.

Learn everything about privacy policy.

You must have enough knowledge about your rights in the company.

Speak up when you face a situation where you are not sure what to do.

Be genuine, and always speak the truth.

No action will be taken against you if your concerns are true.


Ensure that the privacy policy is applied in your office.

Apply Data Protection Standards, which are privacy notice rules, data protection, maintaining information, data retention, handling all kinds of data, etc.

Our teams are maintaining data protection and privacy.

Supported by officers and divisional privacy leads who provide advice on important factors.

Policy matters should be taken seriously.

Group Risk Committee and plc Board manage privacy concerns.