Enslavement and human trafficking is prohibited

Even though enslavement is prohibited all over the world, many cases of human trafficking exist in this modern world. Modern slavery can be taken as working in a place where human beings are not treated fairly. Slavery is considered as a state of being a slave who is forbidden to quit his job and treated like a property. There are a total of 40.3 million people who are trapped in modern slavery. An estimated 16 million people are treated badly in private sectors and it should be stopped by laws, to end this kind of abhorrent practice! At Stallion Digital Marketing, we are trying to eradicate this slavery system and are taking the appropriate measures for the rights of our employees. In our company, everyone will have fundamental rights to be respected by all. We will make sure that, everyone who works here, will be respected and benefit from the company. We would like to uphold these principles with those who do business with us. Human rights, are the basic rights and freedom of an employee, these are based on dignity, fairness, equality and respect. By publishing this statement on here, we ensure that human trafficking will not take at Stallion Digital Marketing.

Our Business

We deal in consultation, digital services and software business etc. We resolve technical issues and deliver innovative solutions to our clients. We are make techniques to tackle the issues and complex to do things easier , so that our clients can get the required result. To help millions of people with utmost respect is our aim. Stallion Digital Marketing is a leading business company who is committed to creating better outcomes for all our clients. We help our clients by delivering solutions for their businesses and services. Customers are always treated properly and provided with better options according to their needs. As a responsible business company we deliver attractive returns to our investors. Everyone at Stallionecom, create better outcomes, by acting as responsible businessmen for the society we serve. Our values are of being open, resourceful, cooperative and effective.

Our Policies

• Client’s personal information will be protected and there will not be any intrusion in people’s privacy.
• Personal information will be held lawfully, securely and use it for right purpose.
• All data will be stored under Data Protection Legislation.

Company’s expectations

To make sure that modern enslavement is not taking place in our business, we are strengthening our approach towards our employees in the right way.
Our approaches are as follows:
• Code of conduct; it includes honest, unbiased and unprejudiced work environment.
• Ethical workplace environments and principles, where all our employees are treated with utmost respect.
• Human Rights Policy; these policies describe certain standards of human behaviour. We have implemented these, so that all our employees feel protected in our workplace. We also have preventions in place to avoid any breaches between employees.
• Supplier Charter; to conduct business in an open and transparent manner. To have a honest, ethical and committed approach in our dealings with our suppliers and clients.
• Speak up Policy; educating our employees to be open, honest in dealings and ask for help as everyone has the right to speak up.

Be a responsible employer

Stallionecom ensures to treat our employees fairly by eliminating enslavement from our workplace. We have resourced HR policies on how to select and recruit employees in a fair and honest manner. Our priority is to provide our employees with an ethical and safe environment to work in, so that they can thrive. We treat all our employees fairly, if there is an occasion when an employee feels they are not being treated fairly then we will seek legal help. To sort out the issue both employees will be questioned and treated fairly. To manage the exit of an employee from the business will be dealt in a proper manner.

Listening to our people

We always listen to our employees' concerns. Through the speak up policy, any employee can raise concerns, question and queries regarding human trafficking or modern slavery system. They can approach us openly and in confidence.
We are fully aware of our responsibilities which includes;
• Fair recruitment
• Written contract
• Time regulations and holidays
• Wages
• Fair treatment
• Claims of discrimination
• Flexible times of work